A made to measure suit is as unique as you are.

The body shape will fit your own shape. The garment will be ‘clean’ – by that, we mean that our meticulous measurements ensure that the cut will eliminate annoying folds which occur with off the peg suits. Jacket and trouser balance will be correct, as the garments will have been detailed to you alone.

You will enjoy the difference – properly fitting clothes look professional, feel comfortable and inspire confidence.

With over 600 English and Italian cloths to select from, we can meet your requirements; from tropical suits to 14oz worsteds to give protection from an English winter and from fine worsteds to traditional tweeds.

Our styling portfolio offers lounge suits to dinner suits, tailcoats to overcoats, with a choice of additional detail to ensure truly unique garments. So come to us to find the finest bespoke suits in Nottingham

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